GNC - Haworthia Semiviva Cooperi Coloured Silk Pokok Sukulent 赛米维亚
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  • Water: Haworthia need to be watered when their soil is completely dried out and their leaves start to curl
  • Sunlight: Bright shade - shade
  • Soil: Average, Well-drained, Gritty

Haworthia Semiviva Cooperi Coloured Silk Pokok Sukulent 赛米维亚

Haworthia semiviva is a beautiful Harworthia, having lovely pale green rosettes with ruffled, silky, edges. The drying of the leaf tips is natural in this species. It provides a protection from the elements in its natural habitat. When in the dry state H. semiviva look more dead than alive.

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Do replant & water your plants once you receive the plant. Do search for planting advice if you need any.  

There is no fix watering schedule as time/location/humidity/sunlight location/wetness might change even in the same spot.


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