GNC - Biocare Foliage Base Baja Organik 微生物菌肥
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1. Product efficacy

• Provide plants full nutrition

• Promote flourishing

• Increase resistance to plant diseases

2. Application Methods (Foliar or Showering)

• For foliar application, fertilize once a week. For showering application, fertilize on soil near root once every 3 - 4 weeks

• 10 Grams / 1 little water (big pot). 5 Grams / 1 liter water (small pot)

• Foliar application on leafy or showering on soil near to plant and root

• Foliar or showering application before flowering

3. Important Precautions

• Fertilization time required an interval of 7 days

• Avoid application under direct sunlight or raining time

• Mixture NOT more than 20g (2 spoon) to 1 litre of water

• Avoid application with bactericides and fungicides

• Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area. Avoid from moisture and direct sunlight

• Suggestion to apply in morning or evening

• Capacity of each spoon included is 10g

• Period of validity: 6 Months after Opening

4. Effective bacteria

• Lactobacillus Plantarum

• Lactococcus Lactis, Subsp. Lactis

• Effective viable count (cfu)> 200 million / g (cfu)

Bio Care Foliage Base 微生物菌肥


Full nutritional and multifunctional All Flowers, Leafly, Vegetables, Fruits and Evergreen Plants 100% Manufactured with R & D in Malaysia European high-precision raw materials Application: 5-10 grams Method: Broadcasting on soil near plant or root

Net weight: 350 grams

Bio Care Fertilizer is a 3-in-1 bio-fertilizer with composition of multifunctional microbes, organic essence and multi-nutritional properties. It contains comprehensive nutrients and exclusive organic essence formula. Its strong penetration into soil help activate soil condition and increase fertilizer effectiveness. Therefore, improving the nutrient absorption rate of plants, resuliting in producing plants that are disease resistant, vigorous and long-lived.

BioCare Fertilizer is a trusted eco-friendly product and suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants, fruits or vegetables .

Will pack with extra careful with film wrap, paper wrap and/or bubble foam wrap for best protection.

Items are not returnable and refundable except damages.

Items will or appear to have minor chippings, small/almost invisible dents, discolorations and minor scratches, will not issue refund or exchange except big damages or visible big dent. Do take note if you are too attentive to small details and cannot tolerate this minor imperfection. This is human made pot, hope for your kind understanding for some minor & unintentional imperfections.





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