GNC Organic Pesticide Neem Oil Fertilizer For Plant Racun Pokok Ubat Serangga Racun Serangga Organik Spray Pest Control
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Ready To Use 500ML
Plant Magic

Concentrated 250ML
Plant Magic
Plant Protect
Plant Vitamin
Soil Wizard
Super Bloom
Super Succufeed


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Ready To Use 500ML
Plant Magic / Fungicide+
- It is recommended to first trim old or sick parts of the plant before spraying.
- Can spray on the whole plant, stem base and / or surrounding soil for a through disease prevention.

- Spraying directly on pests or whole plants especially the back of leaves.
- Spray also on stem base and surrounding soil to get rid of any pests hidden in soil.

- Ensure direct contact of spray droplets with pests to eliminate their protective wax layer effectively.

Neemster / Bugbuster
- For sensitive plants, do not spray on the whole plant, just spray on insects.

✔Spray during sundown. Do not spray during hot weather. Water the plant before spraying.
✔Spray once a week for maintenance, or twice a week for serious infestation.

Concentrated 250ML
Plant Protect
- For beginning, spray once every 3 days for 3 cycles. Spray once every 7 days afterward. 
- Spray on the fruit and leaves' surfaces. Sembur pada permukaan buah dan dedaun. Spray only on the pest rather than the entire plant when using on sensitive plants.
- Ensure that spray comes into direct touch with the insect body, it may disintegrate pest protective
- When sprayed on a pest, it will eliminate the pest by penetrating its body.

 Plant Vitamin / Soil Wizard
- Cannot be used with any chemical pesticides or fungicides.
- If using chemical pesticides, must be use after 3-5 days apart.
- Contained active microorganisms, may contain gas, open with caution.
- Can be used along with all of our organic product at the same. After mixing, must be used up the same day.

Super Bloom / Super Succufeed / Plant Vitamin
- Help plants grow faster and healthy. 
- Promote the development of plant nutrient roots.
- Enhance plant resistance to diseases. 
- Rapidly improve soil quality and crop yield.

 Soil Wizard
- Provides soil fertility, protects and enhance plant root nutrition.
- Quickly and effectively improves soil hardening and adjusts soil pH.
- Removes ammonia and chemicals from the soil. 
- It can also function at high temperatures, improving the quality and yield of crops. 

✔All is an organic product.
✔Won't leave toxic residues in fruits/vege.
✔It is safe for organic gardening at home and farm.
✔Shake well before use.
✔Spray starts from bottom of leaves.

Items will be or seem to have a minor imperfection and does not affect to use, will not issue a refund or exchange, except for large visible damages or dents.    

Kindly take photo of the item and provide order number to our customer service agent for further details.

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