Hydroponic System Hydroponics Farming System Hidroponik Set DIY Home Apartment Balcony Sistem Hidroponik Hydroponic Set
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Hydroponic Set

1. Clean and Tidy

2. Space saving

3. Cost Savings

4. Quality and Quantity

5. Weed Free

6. Labour Saving

7. Less Use of Herbicide and Insecticide 

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【Key Advantages】
Now you can too plant leafy vegetables at your own home with this hassle free system!

Clean and Tidy - No more soil digging, pot transplant, mixing manure with compost and etc for the sake of your leafy and healthy plants. Hydroponic systems enable you to just checking water leveling, put fertilizers on time, as well as almost no pesticides applications for healthier and safer plants. 

Space saving - The arrangement of hydroponic system enable you to plant more plants at a time within just small space area by taking advantages of multiple layer or multi row of pipes. It will become one of the design talkabouts at your comfy home or balcony as well.

Cost Savings - Hydroponic system helps leafy plants to completely absorbs most nutrients in the water, as well as water saving due to better absorption of water in comparison of normal traditional use soil planting.

Quality and Quantity - Hydroponic system enable planter to have high production yield plus better quality in term of output. Hydroponic grown leafy plants are known for its quality output due to better nutrients absorption plus better pH control in closed environment, which gives optimum quality and quantity of the leafy plants.

Weed Free - Most of the weeds are associated with soil, the soil less hydroponic system eliminate the use of soil, hence leafy plants are mostly weeds free and easy to take care of.

Labour Saving - Less labour hours are needed in order to operate and maintain hydroponic system due to its automated pump circulation that circulate nutritious water 24/7, as well as saving times on seedling, fumigating, pot transplantng, weeding, pesticides as well as soil conditioning. 

Less Use of Herbicide and Insecticide - Due to its nature of soil less hydroponic planting, almost no herbicide, insecticide or fungicide are needed due to shorter growth days needed and no soil involved. It makes the leafy plants grow better and safer to eat even raw.


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【Package List】    
1* Hydroponic System (Without Water Container)

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1* Hydroponic System (Without Water Container)