GNC Peat Moss Succulent Soil Mix Tanah Organik Adenium Soil For Plant Tanah Tanaman Tanah Hitam Untuk Tanaman 多肉泥土 泥炭土
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【Key Advantages】
Peat Moss Soil Mix
Peat moss retains plenty of water and provides nutrients, while also providing a good texture that helps in maintaining aeration and avoiding compaction.

Aroid Soil Mix
Aroid soil mix provides excellent drainage to prevent root rot, while retaining moisture for hydration, promoting aeration for root growth, supplying essential nutrients, and maintaining a suitable pH balance for plants.

Orchid Soil Mix
Orchid soil mix is a special blend that offers good drainage, aeration, and root support, providing the ideal conditions for healthy orchid growth and beautiful blooms.

Adenium Soil Mix
Adenium soil is a specialized blend formulated for growing adenium plants, offering good drainage, aeration, nutrient availability, and disease prevention for healthy and thriving plants.

Herb Soil
Herb soil provides optimal drainage, a sandy or gravelly texture, pH balance maintenance, and potential nutrient supplementation, all promoting the healthy growth and flourishing of plants.

Succulent Soil Mix
Succulent soil is a well-draining blend with a gritty texture and slightly acidic pH. It promotes airflow, prevents compaction, retains moisture, and provides essential nutrients for growth.

Rainbow Stone
Rainbow stone benefits plants by improving drainage, promoting healthy root growth through proper aeration, and providing essential nutrients for overall well-being and growth.


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