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GNC Fungicide Racun Kulat Fungicide Insecticide Pesticide 多菌灵 盆栽花卉植物专用多菌灵10g
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本品是一种内吸,广普性,高效杀菌防病药剂,可湿性粉剂,全水溶,使用简便,,能有效的防冶花木的白粉病,叶斑病,灰(黑)霉病,腐烂病,炭蛆病,立枯病,黑痘病。菌枝病,白腐病等多种病害 施用后有菌即杀,无病可防。 土壤杀菌,种植必备,幼苗期适用。 性能: 本品属高效、广谱、低残留高性能内吸、杀菌范围广的杀菌药剂,对花木具有治疗和保护作用。









Carbendazim is also known as Mianweiling, Benjing imidazole 44. Carbendazim is a broad-spectrum fungicide, which has a control effect on diseases caused by fungi (such as semi-known fungi and polyascomycetes) in various crops. It can be used for foliar spray, seed treatment and soil treatment.Product performance:This product is a systemic, universal, highly effective sterilization and disease prevention agent, wettable powder, fully water soluble, easy to use, and can effectively prevent powdery mildew, leaf spot and gray (black) mildew of flowers and trees. Rot disease, charcoal maggot disease, standing blight, acne disease. Mycorrhizal disease, white rot and many other diseases can kill bacteria after application. Soil sterilization, necessary for planting, suitable for seedling stage. Performance: This product is a high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, low-residue, high-performance systemic, sterilizing agent with a wide range of sterilization, which has a therapeutic and protective effect on flowers and trees.Usage and dosage:Each bag is mixed with 1-1.5 kg of water, sprayed evenly on the front and back of the leaves, once every 7-10 days, 2-3 consecutive times. Each bag is mixed with water 700-1000g and rooted 4-5 pots.Note: Do not mix with alkaline drugs.Control target:Powdery mildew, spot disease, brown spot disease, gray (black) mildew, anthracnose, leaf blight, root rot, fusarium wilt, and stand blight.note:1. Continuous use will produce drug resistance, and can be used in rotation with chlorothalonil sold in our store.2. Place in a dry and cool place to prevent children from swallowing.

Will pack with extra careful with film wrap, paper wrap and/or bubble foam wrap for best protection.

Items are not returnable and refundable except damages.

Items will or appear to have minor chippings, small/almost invisible dents, discolorations and minor scratches, will not issue refund or exchange except big damages or visible big dent. Do take note if you are too attentive to small details and cannot tolerate this minor imperfection. This is human made pot, hope for your kind understanding for some minor & unintentional imperfections.


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