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GNC - 11KG ± Hydro Stone Clay Pebbles Clay Ball Leca 陶粒
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High pore space means fewer blockages
Some air-holding capacity to keep root zones oxygenated
Fairly renewable & environment-friendly
Easy to plant and harvest
Good colonization for microbial populations

Hydroball, Hydroton, hydrostone, clay ball, Clay Pebble, Leca Ball, 陶粒, etc many common names.

Hydroton grow rocks are one of the most versatile growing mediums in the gardening world. You’ll be surprised to find out that hydroton are not rocks at all. They are actually an expanded clay product. This German product has rapidly gained popularity among hydroponic gardeners, but don’t be fooled—soil gardeners can also utilize this great growing medium. Hydroball are many used in hydroponic, potting mix cover, potting mix base layer, even on air root plants like orchids. 

Beneficial Properties of Hydroton:
Water Retention & Drainage - This material is filled with tiny pores, much like a ‘micro sponge’. Because of this, it holds the perfect amount of water and drains any excess to prevent overwatering.
Aeration – Unlike soil that compacts and reduces available oxygen over time, hydroton retains its shape and allows for continuous oxygen exchange, keeping your plant roots healthy.
PH Neutral – In gardening, it is important to have a growing medium that isn't too acidic or basic. This material is a pH neutral product, so you won’t have to worry about any nutrient lockup or plant health issues due to unstable pH.
Sterile – It is produced in large rolling kilns that ‘bake’ it into its final shape. Since high temperatures are used, hydroton comes to the gardener as a sterile product. This is highly beneficial because you don’t want to introduce disease and harmful bacteria into your garden.


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