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Fiskars Planter's Hoe    
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Fiskars Solid Trowel
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Fiskars Planter's Hoe
Measurement (H*L*W) = 33cm * 20cm * 8cm
Fiskars Planter's Hoe is a useful longer nursery tool with a dual head which is ideal for multiple planting and weeding tasks. Its longer shaft allows you to reach into the flower bed easier with stooping and the FiberComp construction makes the tool extremely lightweight but strong. Thanks to its FiberComp material construction this tool like others in the nursery tool range does not corrode or age and the prongs and hoe edge can be sharpened to ensure happy cultivating for years ahead.
Material: FiberComp


Fiskars Solid Weed Fork
Measurement (H*L*W) =26.3cm * 7.8cm * 4cm
Fiskars Weed Fork is ideal for planting and weeding whilst protecting roots. Its FiberComp construction makes the tool extremely lightweight but strong and the material construction means that the prongs can be sharpened allowing for years of happy planting and weeding. At the end of the day, the tool can be put away neatly thanks to its hanging hole for easy storage.


Fiskars Solid Trowel
Measurement (H*L*W) =29cm * 8.3cm * 3.5cm
Fiskars Trowel is a Solid nursery tool in the classic style of Fiskars design. Its construction makes it ideal for planting and transplanting in flower beds and other narrow spaces. The overall FiberComp construction makes the tool extremely lightweight and strong and at the same time, the material composition means that the material does not corrode or age in the same manner as a steel tool. This modern planter may become dull over use but the best part is that the blade can be sharpened for years of good work. The tool incorporates a hanging hole for easy storage after your planting work has been done.
Material: FiberComp


Fiskars Cultivator
Measurement (H*L*W) =27cm * 7.8cm * 4.5cm
Fiskars Cultivator is the right nursery tool for aerating and loosening soil, doing planting and preparing the soil. Like the other standard Fiskars cultivating tools, this tool is made from FiberComp which makes the tool extremely lightweight but strong and easy to handle. The benefit of FiberComp is that it does not corrode or age over use. The prongs of this tool can be sharpened for optimal performance and when your cultivating work is done for the day, the hanging hole makes for easy storage.

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