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GNC - Gafri Cactus & Succulent Potting Mix Soil Tanah Campuran Cacti Succu 7L
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7 Litres approx 2KG+-
- prevent soil compaction and harden
- better drainage and ventilation for succulent and cactus planting
- sightly alcaline to help neutralize the acidic from peat moss
- contains PERLITE

泥土对于种植确实是个必需品, 但是如何选择正确的泥土呢?可以通过以下几个关键来做决定哦

Soil is one of the major elements in gardening, but how to choose the right soil for your plants?

珍珠岩 – 多肉植物
多肉植物可以用含珍珠岩的泥土。珍珠岩有助于改善土壤保持水分,透气性强,抗酸碱性。多肉植物爱好者们, 可以选择含珍珠岩成分的泥土比如: Cactus & Succulent Soil (7L)

Tip 3 : Perlite – Succulent
Perlite helps to improve soil moisture retention, permeability, acid and alkali resistance. For succulent enthusiasts, you can choose the soil with perlite such as: cacti & succulent soil (7l)
*cacti & succulent soil contains chronic fertilizers that can be used for up to 6 months without fertilization



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